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Specialized knowledge and experience are essential, but often beyond the budgets of companies in the early phase of operations or for individuals with a great idea.

Wisdom and experience are undervalued in today's economy, so matching talented people having the experience that is needed with those who would benefit is a win-win proposition; one that we find provides better results, in less time, while being cost-effective.


Michael Burns, Consultant www.burnsbizstrategies.com
Krista Jacobsen, Recruiter www.touchstonesearch.com
Tari Nix, Entreprenuer www.piratesoverforty.com
Jenny Wade, PhD www.wademindsets.org


Donal Botkin donal botkin, BS (Industrial Technology), mba (Finanace), juris doctor

Donal has held senior positions in global investment management and consulting for over 25 years. After simultaneously receiving his Juris Doctor and MBA from Tulane University, he has held positions such as: Attorney, Investment Officer and Member of the International Asset Management Committee for Citibank NA; Director of International Research for the Frank Russell Company; Senior Vice President of Capital Markets Research for SEI Investment. Underlying the experience in finance is a strong interest and training in the physical technology of electronics and computer systems. The Research Advantage was created to leverage those abilities.

Jenny Wade jenny wade, phd (Organization and human development)

Jenny is a research psychologist, educator, and organization development consultant whose practice is dedicated to the maximization of human potential individually and collectively. She is presently Senior Consultant with a company devoted to the healthy transformation of individuals, groups, and large systems. She also oversees doctoral programs and research at a number of American and British graduate schools.